We are a family-owned business that enjoys the outdoors and strives to bring the best products to the northern community. We are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality products and outstanding customer service.


Established in 1955 as a live bait and tackle store in gramps 180 sq’ living room. The entire family was involved in trapping, helping with retail as everyone lived in the same house as the store. In 1981 Mr Mrs Dumoulin purchased the store from Mr. Dumoulins parents Mr and Mrs Dumoulin ran the store in the small house till 1985 where they purchased the building next door where the store is to this day and expanded the business with more fishing/hunting gear, large selections of winter/summerclothing and footwear. The live bait business grew so much all of the children were involved in trapping, grading and sorting. In 2019, the Dumoulins approached D & L Docks and talks began. 

D&L DOCKs and Recreation

D & L Docks was established May of 2005. At the early beginning we ran a home based business selling docks, boat lifts and water toys. Every year the business grew in some ways eventually settling into a small retail establishment with a large outdoor space. With the larger location D&L Docks grew again and established a home and cottage giftshop, we started retailing outdoor recycled plastic furniture, sauna’s, commercial water toys and  manufacturing custom wood floating docks. To this day we continue to retail all of these products and more.  Moving forward to October 2020 is when D&L Docks purchased Dumoulin Fishing Tackle, a well established business of 65 years and amalgamated both businesses under one roof.


100% Satisfaction

You’ll be totally amazed with us! You should be completely happy with your experience. If you have any questions about us, our products, or even shipping, get in touch! We support you every step of the way. If there is an issue, our customer service staff are ready to help you over email, or a phone call.

◦ a store for the way you like to live ◦ a store for the way you like to live ◦ a store for the way you like to live ◦

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