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The ultimate dock experience, maximize your shoreline with curved frame sections for clean lines and easy configurability. Available in 4’ and 6’ wide up to 12’ long with 4” ribbed rail sides. Exclusive 45- and 90-degree curves. Choose from numerous removable decking options.


Our most popular, the classic truss dock solution for waterfront owners looking for a low maintenance, easy-to own dock system, perfect for firm to soft lake bottom with shallow to moderate water depth. Available in 4’ and 6’ wide up to 16’ long with 9” side frame. Wheel kits are available. Choose from numerous removable decking options.


Infinity FTS9: Floating aluminum dock, the preferred choice for deep water or extremely muddy or soft lake bottom. Premium rotationally molded dock floats, same classic 9” truss frame and infinity track accessory system as the infinity TS9. Available in 4’ and 6’ wide up to 16’ long. Choose from numerous removable decking options.


PolyDock is a sister brand of Shoremaster. A modular floating dock system with unlimited configurations, greatest stability on the water. Poly dock is designed to feel firm underfoot along the length and width of it’s slip-resistant brick pattern surface, so you and your family will enjoy every day spent on the water. 

Modular floating dock, built to go where other docks don’t. Rotationally molded, polyethylene floating dock system with premium stability on water. Maintenance free, safe and slip-resist surface. Incredibly durable and easy to install. The recessed area/Trapped air Design helps improve overall dock stability and buoyancy making it the most stable floating dock in it’s class. Available in 3’, 4’, 5’ and 6’ wide and 6’, 8’ and 10’ long.



Lighthouse Aluminum floating modular dock system built to last for many years. Lightweight but also resistant to rust and corrosion. Ideal for deeper waters or soft lake bottoms where traditional docks on post cannot be installed. Available 5’, 6’ or 8’ wide and 15’ and 20’ long sections with removable cedar or Thruflow decking panels.

lighthouse post docks

A MODULAR DOCK SYSTEM WITH INFINITE CONFIGURATIONS. Lightweight aluminum frame structure with removable decking panels, our most popular decking is red cedar available with Thruflow (reinforced polypropylene) panels. Available 4’, 5’ and 6’ wide and 10’, 15’ and 20’ long. Easy to install, very affordable and ideal for shallow water. Can be configured with wheel kits.

custom wood floating docks

Custom wood dock builders since 2005, we offer every option imaginable to fit any budget. Our floating docks are solid, stable, and very buoyant. Built with rotationally molded polyethylene foam filled floats, Sienna pressure treated lumber and Heavy Duty galvanized dock hardware. You can choose from our traditional sizes or we can build any custom size required for your residential, commercial, municipal or industrial projects. 

lighthouse dock accessories

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